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2010-01-05 22:46:00 by Jenbells

Just an angel WIP. The shot itself isn't so good, but when it's finished I hope it'll be acceptable. This is just something to pass the time before I start off on a fantasy game character series. Original I know, but I need the practice with taking characters and putting them into my own style. Turns out that sort of thing makes for a wonderful journy of style discovery....I think. Anyway, enjoy!



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2010-01-05 22:48:04

wow, just wow, an insanley good drawing.

Jenbells responds:

Thank you!


2010-01-05 23:36:57

I really like your art, it has lots of subtlety which I think is crucial

have you been experimenting with color?

I think that would be the next level for your artistry to progress

I like to offer advice so that artists improve in a gradual eventual way

in my opinion it's the difference between intelligence and wisdom that makes an artist successful

I hope you feel the same way

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